Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nargis Fakhri Trivia

Nargis Fakhri Trivia

1> She has worked with leading model agencies of the fashion world.
2> She is half-Pakistani and half- Czechoslovakian.
Nargis Parents: Her father Mohammed A. Fakhri is from Pakistan and her mother, Marie is from Czechoslovakia.
3> She loves to talk, crack jokes and drinks lots of Coffee.
4> She was a semi-finalist in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3.
5> She also appeared in Kingfisher Calendar 2009.
6> Rockstar (2011) directed by imtiaz ali was is her First Film.

When Katrina Kaif compared, Nargis Fakhri stands sexy!

 American beauty and now a Bollywood newbie who is going gaga with the success of her debut movie opposite Ranbir Kapoor says that she is sexy when it comes to comparison with Katrina Kaif, Not offensive but otherwise!

In an interview, she said that though we (her and Kat) share nothing in common and have no resemblance still if anyone thinks her to be like Katrina Kaif then it means that she (Nargis) is sexy. She said detailing her view as, “How can I talk or sound like her when she has a British accent and I have an American accent. That’s funny. I think it’s a compliment that they think we look alike. I find her extremely sexy so if people think that about me too that’s awesome. But I don’t really think you can compare any two people…makes no sense to me, because we are all so different and unique and special in our own ways.”

Also, commenting over Kat’s latest stint to item song, Chikni Chameli, Nargis told that she finds the song happening and that she is looking forward to meet Katrina as she has been smiling over Katrina’s sexiness that has taken over her wits.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nargis Fakhri replaces Deepika Padukone in ads?

Actress Nargis Fakhri is not only rumoured to be a former bueau of co-star Ranbir Kapoor, but she is now hurting the exes of Ranbir at the right places. According to sources, Nargis is being pitched as a ‘replacement’ to actresses Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor, who were rumoured to be dating Ranbir as well. In the endorsement world, Nargis has again created a controversy when she apparently ousted Deepika and Sonam from an endorsement, according to sources. According to her publicists, Nargis signed a deal worth nine crores with three companies. “The actor has signed up for a motor car brand, a hair-care brand and an apparel company. Now, this has sparked off a brand war between heroines after it has come to light that she has already bagged three major brands endorsements days before her first film released,” say sources. According to sources, Nargis has replaced Deepika and Sonam at the last minute amidst furious negotiations. Her publicists also conformed the deals. “It is true that Deepika was being considered for one of the brands and for the other brand they had Sonam in mind. But in the end, we decided to go with her because there is intense speculation about her and she is also easily available,” says a source. The brand war that Nargis has started has already created a flutter in the endorsement world where an actor’s worth is dependant on the number of brands they endorse. “Nargis wants to get into the league of Deepika and Sonam and she is being pitched that way too. She has already started to bite into their earnings,” the source adds. An official announcement of the same is expected soon.

Nargis a replacement for Deepika and Sonam?

Seems like a war of sorts has broken out between actresses Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and newbie Nargis Fakhri, ever since sources close to the newcomer claimed that she has replaced Deepika and Sonam to endorse a few brands. The brand war has now become a hotbed with sources saying that Nargis is pitched as an alternative to Deepika and Sonam, since she won’t charge as much as them. Sources close to both the actresses said that most of the brands that have approached Nargis were already rejected by Sonam and Deepika. With several allegations and denials flying in between, it seems that the brand war between the trio is getting nastier by the day. “I know it for a fact that Sonam has said a ‘no’ to the brand and after that they approached Nargis. There was a disagreement regarding the money that was beingpaid and Sonam didn’t want to work that cheap. You may ask Deepika about it also because I know that Deepika was approached too,” says a source close to Sonam. So, is Nargis the cheaper alternative of heroines in the under-30 bracket? “I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that there are not too many heroines in the under-30 bracket and most of their hands are full with endorsements. Also, they have a market rate and will never agree to an amount lesser than that. Deepika was approached and it didn’t work out with her. We don’t know about the reasons for it,” another source says. Nargis has steadily remained out of spotlight and has made herself ‘unavailable’ while building up the speculation around her. She was rumoured to be co-star Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend too, but she chose not to clarify it. In fact, according to sources, she waited and let the hype build up around them. “When she came in, there was a lot of hype, so we are only trying to keep that up. And yes, she is being pitched as an affordable alternative to Deepika and Sonam,” the source adds.

Van Heusen Woman launches campaign with Nargis Fakhri

Van Heusen, the premium lifestyle brand for men, women and youth, has rolled out a print campaign specifically catering to its women’s brand. The ad features the New-York based model and the latest Bollywood sensation Nargis Fakhri as its brand ambassador. In her first campaign for Van Heusen Woman, Fakhri will feature in the brand’s range of dresses titled ‘Eye Candy’, which is also the centrepiece of the Autumn-Winter season. Conceived by JWT, the print ad has been shot by acclaimed photographer Justin Polkey and showcases many avatars of the Fakhri ranging from a corporate go-getter with a wardrobe catering to different dresses for various occasions including silhouettes like lace sheath, stripes, animal prints, florals, paired with unlined blazers, parka jackets, suede coats, offset by oversized belts and maxi envelope clutches. Commenting about the name of the collection, Vigyan Verma, Associate VP & Client Services Director, JWT, said, “For an array of dresses that is so alluring and visually appealing, it needed to have a name to do justice to the collection. Hence, we chose the name Eye Candy.” Explaining the choice of Fakhri as the face of the brand, he said, “For Nargis Fakhri, her international lineage and innate relevance to the young, modern Indian woman made her a perfect fit for Van Heusen Woman. It was just what the next state of evolution for the brand called for.” The ad comes as part of the brand’s growth and extending its appeal to a large western-wear sporting audience.

Nargis Fakhri named new face of Van Heusen Woman apparel‎

Nargis Fakhri features in Van Heusen Woman’s new collection titled ‘Eye Candy’, which is also the centrepiece of their autumn-winter lineup. The lifestyle brand got acclaimed photographer Justin Polkey to shoot Fakhri for the campaign. She’s seen wearing a mostly “corporate go-getter wardrobe” featuring dresses made of lace sheath, stripes, animal prints, florals, paired with unlined blazers, parka jackets, suede coats, offset by oversized belts and maxi envelope clutches. Fakhri is a model after all and this role suits her